Community Philosophy

Creating opportunities to develop thinking communities, deepen understanding, take thoughtful action.

Community Philosophy is a growing movement in which voluntary groups in civil society engage with philosophical thinking and action. It is practiced by museum and gallery groups, older people through Age UK, Philosophy in Pubs, the youth and community sectors, housing associations and many more.

Community Philosophy provides spaces, resources and expertise that enable local people to join, form and sustain self-determining, democratic thinking communities. These groups help individuals and communities develop their thinking skills and dispositions, deepen their own thinking and that of others, and explore thinking as a practical tool for engagement in community and cultural life.

Community Philosophy brings people together, gives them a chance to access practical, transformational philosophy, develop a thoughtful, purposeful voice, and take pleasure in these purposeful, collaborative activities.

Community Philosophy Aims:

  • To support the practice of Community Philosophy through developing self-determining and self-sustaining democratic communities of philosophical enquiry and action.
  • To help individuals and communities develop philosophical enquiry as a practical tool for engagement and action in community and cultural life.
  • To promote the creative, collaborative and caring aspects of philosophical enquiry, whilst developing critical, independent and reflective thinking.
  • To make philosophy an accessible, purposeful and pleasurable means to the promotion of personal and community well-being.


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