SAPERE P4C Level 1 Training

...train up to 22 people for £1880.00 inc

"Techniques and tips brilliant..."

Dr Steve Bramall 

   SAPERE Registered Trainer

University of London trained Teacher Educator

PhD in Philosophy of Education

Classroom teacher

                                              "Friendly, professional and great                                                              knowledge which was readily shared."  

What's a P4C level 1? 

  • its where you learn to be a P4C practitioner.
  • it's a hands-on 2 day or 4 twilight (minimum 10 hour) non-residential course providing everything you need to get started in using philosophical enquiry in your own setting.
  • its 4 hours of practical philosophical enquiry and 6 hours of workshops, theory and review.
  • its loads of games, pictures, stories and great resources for warm ups, stimuli, planning and review to take away and use

Will it suit our needs?

Courses may be general or tailored to suit specific interests and phases inc. early years, primary, secondary, adult and gifted and talented.

What will we learn?

How to facilitate an enquiry. Where P4C came from. How to plan an enquiry. What the four 'C' s of P4C are. What the value of P4C is. What makes a question philosophical. How to use warm up games. How P4C fits in school and beyond. What makes a good stimulus. How to develop dialogue in a community. How to monitor progress. How to find and develop resources.

"Encouraging, Unthreatening, Excellent"

 What do we get?

Up to 12 hours of training

SAPERE Level 1 handbook

Starter Resources

SAPERE Level 1 certificate

"Can't wait to try it out back at school. Brilliant!"

How much does it cost?

Individuals £295.00 per person including handbook, resources, certificate, lunches and snacks.

Groups of 8-22 from £1880.00 including handbooks, resources and certificate

How do I book? 


call or text Steve on 07986 077181