Steve Bramall Associates

Hello I'm Steve.
Not long ago I was a university lecturer in philosophy of education. I spent my time teaching post-grads, reading, publishing stuff, writing courses, speaking at conferences and so on. Great experience and met loads of great people but about 12 years ago I decided life was short and I needed to take a walk.
So I left my job and became a freelance philosopher. Since then I've worked, along with a group of like-minded colleagues, with learners of all ages from nursery age to older people; with schools, universities, museums, charities, galleries, parks authorities, pubs, youth workers and artists. It's very varied, sometimes scary and lots of fun.
And now I don't just train and teach and develop courses and events; I work on change management, project management, culture shifts, strategic development and on ideas and policy and actions with important consequences. But I still teach a little bit and train a lot.
Recently I became a SAPERE Level 3 trainer

Steve Bramall BSc MA PhD

SAPERE P4C Level 3 Registered Trainer, Project Manager, Lead Trainer, Practitioner 

Teacher educator Universities of London, Macau, Oxford Brookes, Hertfordshire, Heythrop.

Published philosopher University of London PhD, books and articles.