Hi, I'm Steve. I'm a freelance philosopher.

I use philosophy to help organisations and teams and individuals to learn, to grow and to change. 

20 yeas ago I was a lecturer in philosophy of education. I got my PhD and taught and supervised post-grads, published, wrote courses and spoke at conferences a lot. They were great times - I met loads of wonderful people and got to do nice things, but I wanted a change. I went freelance. 

I got qualified in Philosophy for Children and work a lot with the P4C charity SAPERE. But I work with all ages in all places - schools, businesses, universities, museums, charities, galleries, parks authorities, pubs, youth workers, artists and more. It's very varied and lots of fun.

Along with a few trusted friends, I train and facilitate and teach and develop - organisations, people, courses and events. At SBA we use philosophy to help people to make thoughtful changes - like improving culture, becoming more reflective, developing and implementing strategy, generating ideas, policies and actions, listening. 

Philosophy can help in several ways. Sometimes ancient wisdom is handy, even therapeutic. Sometimes developing a team ino a philosophical community is most important. Sometimes generating the right question or identifying and changing our understanding of one key concept is all that's needed to get us from here to there. 

In philosophical change, thoughtful, reflective dialogue is always present, so is deeper thinking. And philosophical change seems always to involve people seeing the world - and themselves - differently. 

Here at SBA we're always open to ideas about using philosophy to make positive changes. So if you think we might be able to help, drop me an email. Or call for a chat.

Steve Bramall BSc MA PhD

SAPERE P4C Level 3 Registered Trainer, project manager, lead trainer, mentor.

Teacher educator Universities of London, Macau, Oxford Brookes, Hertfordshire, Heythrop.

Published academic philosopher University of London PhD, books and articles.