Philosophy Events 

   Build Community - Stimulate Minds - Challenge Thinking


     Push thinking beyond limits

                                           “Very good course, my son has come home every day excited and challenged”

Philosophy Explorers (8-30 people. Half day or one day)

Form a philosophical community of enquiry to discover philosophy classics and generate your own philosophical questions. Fun team-working events for curious mental explorers and budding philosophers.

“Learned a lot of new skills...                                                                                    ...a great introduction to philosophy."

Philosophy of...   (8-16 people. Half day or one day) fiction, art, humour, nature, peace, food... the list is endless. Themed events for groups of learners to go deep questioning into a favourite subject: uncover the assumptions, dig out the tricky concepts, interrogate the values, stretch the boundaries...

"You guys are awesome!"

Philosopher Challenge (8-16 people. Two day courses)  
Learn to co-facilitate philosophical enquiry. Team members plan, introduce, run warm ups, choose stimuli, conduct voting, guide dialogue and help others to reflect on the processes.

"I loved learning to facilitate enquiries                    and co-operate with others."


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